Godiva Gems Case Study

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Marketing essay: The making of Godiva Gems: from luxury & expensive to fast casual
The following report includes the discussion about the case “the making of Godiva Gems: from luxury & expensive to fast casual”. The report includes the analysis of the case and the development of the marketing plan for the company. The report includes the development of the segmentation strategies which will reap the company with most profitable results. The report also includes the analysis of the targeted marketing strategies using which the company will increase its market share and can easily provide the customers with their required chocolate. The marketing plan also includes the positioning strategies which the company needs to
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Marketing mix is the term which is used to identify the ingredients of the businessactivity and its corresponding market space. The marketing mix for Godiva Gems includes the combination of factors like product, price, place and promotion (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel 2008). These are popularly known as the four …show more content…
The product is highly purchased for gifting purposes. The company is moving the product image from the expensive to the fast casual product which will be available t each grocery and drug stores. The company product has been converted to a individual treat and impulse treat. The product of the company has been targeted to be made to the reach of the individual chocolate eater from the only gifting purpose (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel 2008).
Price: The pricing of the company product was earlier very expensive and was usually available in malls and is highly purchased for gifting purpose for leaving an impression or to some special persons. The pricing of the company product is one of the crucial factors that have impact the company sales. After the adoption of the new strategy the company decreased the price of its products and reduced it in a manner that it looks luxurious but still remains in the approach of the people (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel

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