God 's Existence Of God Essay

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God’s existence has been a topic of discussion for believers and non-believers alike. When discussing the existence of God one must consider the acceptance of Him by faith. If one does not have belief and trust no argument given for His existence will be accepted. The proof of God’s existence even goes beyond our planet and into the universe. The universe, the place where scientists believe time began. Many times we tend to overlook the simple things that are in front of us as signs of God’s existence. From time to gravity, which all falls into the laws of nature, are complex but simples signs that surround us on a day to day basis.
To begin with, the Merriam-Webster dictionary website defines faith as “strong belief or trust in someone or something” or the “belief in the existence of God.” Faith does not come easy especially in today’s world. Our faith is tested on a daily basis from the non-believers to the evil in our society. To have faith is to believe in His existence, to have trust in Him, and to have confidence in Him. Our faith in God is the relationship between those that believe and the love for God. Augustine states, “To be able to believe in God, to have faith in him, is to have something of the love of God (itself a gift of God).” Augustine also explains that those that do not believe in God may be “morally underdeveloped or corrupt.” He goes on to state that the non-believer may not have had an opportunity for Christian belief. Another important…

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