God Is The Cornerstone Of All Other Relationships Essay

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Authenticity with God is the cornerstone of all other relationships a person can engage in, whether it be with family, spouses, friends, or oneself. The concept of this includes the element of doubt, with the main focus of this emphasized on who God is. The role God plays in a person’s life, including an absentee one, will shape one’s expectations of his or herself and others throughout existing relationships.
The relevance of doubt in correlation with God appears as an oxymoron to certain people. However, Parrott and Parrott (1998) provide a compelling case that doubt is a healthy part of relating to God by claiming, “we lose sight of the fact that faith matures because of, not in spite of, doubt” (p. 179). I agree with this statement because a person may have never tested a supposed belief; thereby, harmfully suppressing any conceivable doubts. Symptoms of blind faith can then emerge, in which someone cannot knowledgeably or convincingly express his or her reasoning for supporting a belief in Christianity, let alone God. Initiating a sincere relationship with God can launch a person towards a journey of discovering one’s faith via revealing what uncertainties require dealing with, including an awareness of truth found in His Word. His convicting and loving character naturally leads to self-reflection, thus, opening up the notion of what a person trusts and why.
At this point in my walk with the Lord, the only misperception that I identify with is the referee God, as noted…

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