Goals And Values Of A Teacher

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Statement of Goals and Values

Pre-service teachers continually grow and gain experience as they undertake the extensive practice and learning to become graduate teachers. Through this, goals and values provide an incentive for teachers to achieve competence in their continual development through their teaching lives. My philosophy of teaching is to enhance a student’s learning through implementing theory into professional practice (Groundwater-Smith, et.al., 2003; DET, 2008). To achieve this I have selected three goals and one value, in order to enrich my students’ enjoyment of language and culture as well as the importance of languages in the contemporary society (MCEETYA, 2008; DET, 2008; BOSTES, 2012).

Travelling abroad
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I believe becoming a tutor for current high school students allows for continual improvements on my pedagogical practices, throughout the course of my bachelor’s degree (Loughran, 2002). The two year tutoring job will help prepare myself for the future as it will enable me to be confident in my own teaching methods and practice the theories attained throughout the three years of learning to be an expert teacher, before becoming a graduate teacher. However, a tutor in English and Japanese is only a small process in achieving expert status as the consistent engagement with educational theories assists in developing the teacher’s pedagogy (Loughran, 2002). As a teacher, I will continually practice and mature as an expert teacher who facilitates the student’s learning in an attempt to realistically engage students with expectations of society (Burke, 2012) and prepare them to be “active participants in Australian society” (BOSTES, 2012, p. 10). This is not limited to just English but relevant to all subjects across the curriculum and each subject area contributes to the student’s personal development and knowledge (Burke, 2012). Thus, the continual and deliberate practice of teaching methods through tutoring can attribute to the expertise of a pre-service teacher to practice their pedagogies within these informal

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