Essay on Goals And Objectives Of Financial Goals

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Financial goals are targets and objectives that are usually motivated by a specific future financial need. Individuals typically set financial plans so that they are successful and not residing in poverty. If I were to be impoverished it would be very difficult to get out and be financially stable. Even though there are government programs to aid the poor, it’s very possible that I would be denied these programs. To not be in a situation in which I live in poverty and am dependent on government programs it is crucial for me to set financial goals and prepare for the future. I know that by setting realistic financial goals I can have a victorious future. Working, saving money and education will help me to fulfill my financial aims of nine thousand in my bank account, spending less cash in a week and helping to pay for college.
In 2016 my first financial goal would be to have over nine thousand in my bank account. To accomplish this I will continue to work at my current job and save as much as possible. My current job in the service industry has always been stable and pays well. I know that by staying there I don’t have to jump from “job to job” (Edin and Schaefer 301) like many single women on welfare. No one wants to be unsure of their job’s future. Also no one wants to constantly worry about what their next profession will be or how to find one.
Another objective would be to spend less money in a week and to do this I plan to only use money from tips so that it restricts…

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