Essay about Goal Orientation At The Strategic Level

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II. Goal-Orientation at the Strategic Level
Goal-Oriented Strategy We see goal-orientation occur at different levels within every organization. The first level of an organization that should be goal-oriented is the strategic level. The strategic level usually consists of the CEO, or any other top management. Tyler Lacoma says, “On a strategic level, organizations attempt to use their vision statements and core competencies to stay goal-oriented whenever possible.” The CEO of an organization, or the top management, is responsible for creating the mission statement and should be able to analyze the core competencies of the organization. If this isn’t done, the organization as a whole will have a difficult time tracking progress towards the goal. If no goal is created for the business, there is no way to define success or a way to fulfill specific needs (Lacoma.) Identifying what the organization wants to accomplish early on will allow managers and employees to be able to easily understand if the decisions they are making are moving them towards the end goal. Goal-oriented leadership may involve establishing goals that descend down the organization, or a sequence of goals that act as steps toward a long-term objective (Myers). Goal-orientation at the strategic level can also be used to train and grow managers into leaders. According to David DeGeest and Kenneth Brown, “many organizations still struggle to find and develop qualified managers.” With a goal-oriented manager,…

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