Go Phonics Research Paper

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For many years, there has been a standing debate between educators regarding the most beneficial method of reading instruction. Some people argue that the whole language approach immerses children in valuable literature, which will improve their reading and writing skills. However, as time passes, more and more educators use phonics as the primary method of reading instruction. Those who incorporate phonics into their teaching believe it is important for students to understand the rules that govern the English language in order to encode and decode words. The Go Phonics curriculum exemplifies the basic foundation of phonics as it begins by teaching students the relationship between the sounds of the alphabet and the letters, which represent those sounds. The process of teaching the Go Phonics curriculum is systematic as the concepts are taught in a …show more content…
Teachers frequently combine concepts from different subjects during lesson activities. The Go Phonics program allows teachers the opportunity to use cross-curriculum instruction. For example, when the students learn the letter M, the program suggests introducing magnets. This ties in a science topic, but also allows the students to make the connection between the letter M and the sound they hear at the beginning of the word magnets. Another example of cross-curriculum instruction is found when teaching the letter C. During this lesson, students may create a cat drawing using a variety of shapes and colors. This activity pulls skills from both art and math. The Go Phonics program covers many content areas such as English/language arts, math, social studies, science, health and nutrition, and fine arts. Giving teachers the opportunity to teach across the curriculum is beneficial for both the students and teacher as it reinforces concepts to students while also increasing the teacher’s time-management

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