Gmos Silent Takeover : Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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GMOs Silent Takeover Since the first commercial sale of a genetically modified food in 1994, the market has been gradually overtaken. Almost every item consumed can be tied to genetically modified organisms. The United States has no specific regulations on genetically modified organisms in our food; this has left the public exposed to dangerous unforeseen effects, left consumers to be influenced greatly by popular food chains and stores, and allowed the seed companies and FDA to continually pass labeling responsibilities; however, many states have begun demanding the government to increase labeling and regulations of genetically modified food ingredients. First, as GMO products have flooded the markets and restaurants over the years, various past events have occurred where unknown exposure to genetically modified foods has had a negative effect on the unsuspecting public. The continuous expansion of new and inproved genetically modified crops has caused the traditional ingredient detection methods to be obslte.
This can partially be contributed to the fact that all the existing genetically modified plants being produced are different from one another, whether it be large differences or slight; so naturally all present different risk levels to public health. For example, genetically modified soybeans require a herbicide That the World Health Organization considers a probable carcinogen. That specific ingredient in addition to various other probable toxic chemicals that…

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