Gm Recalls Multiple Brands of Cars Essay

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Deseon Jenkins
Dr. Culp
March 14, 2014
Business Article 2 In this article, it explains how GM has recalled more than 1.6 million cars worldwide due to defective ignition switches which caused cars to either shut off, causes accidents, and defective deployment of airbags. This defect has been known about by the GM Company but they failed to act upon the action and complaints till now. Now GM and other sources claim that they did not have enough evidence to call a major recall of the many vehicles that’s being recalled. The recall even includes the Chevy cobalt’s and the Chevy Cruzes that recently came out.
A GM spokesman said that without rigorous analysis, it would be just speculations to assume that these allegations would
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I feel that the effectiveness and effiency of things wasn’t correctly done in this situation because the effect of things turned out to be worst then intended, and if the problem was taking care of at the time it was notice, the problem would have been taking care of efficiently and saved a lot of complaints, lawsuits and money. With GM being a major company, their customers matters in each way. In conclusion, I feel that GM need to look back and evaluate their field line of management and use the quantities approach of things to improves techniques and improve decision making issues regarding this, and the decision making model could be used here to determine what actually went on, and why it took so long to act on the issue, and take action. In my thoughts, if I was in charge of that supervision part of management dealing with testing and making sure everything is efficient and working properly, and I was to find out that something went wrong and a major recall was taking place, the first thing in my mind would be what happened and why none of my field line managers told me about this. They would be the first to go and I myself will sit down and go through my decision making process, analyze everything and then take action immediately. After that, if there was fault in my workers for not effectively doing their job correctly, then

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