Globalization Is Not The Same Thing As Imperialism Essay

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In support of my understanding and my beliefs - I do not agree - Globalization is not the same thing as imperialism. While they are somewhat in the same general idea, globalization is an act to make a worldwide integration and with the inclusion of development to level the economic system field – which would make everyone involved equals. The act of globalization has many different aspects which encourage or produce a change within the world in multiple and distinct ways. Included changes are seen Industrially, Financially, Economically, Politically, within Informational and Cultural exchanges, along with Ecological, Social, Technical and Legal aspects. Yet some people would add that globalization will result in the loss of one’s own individual cultural identity and that the western conception of ideas would be endured as an authority on the eastern way of thinking.
There is positive feedback and outcomes regarding globalization. Most would agree that it is instrumental if not essential in helping to develop countries to have the ability to approach western markets, in order to ship commodities to other countries for sale and exchange. It also promotes the increase of the growing process of welfare improvement to encourage a stable position of cash flow inside the growing countries. As a benefit this change will slowly lessen the value of the dollar’s dissimilarity. Also noted is that due to the state of the matter pertaining to the worldwide market there would be a…

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