Essay about Globalization Has Opened Avenues For Trade

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In the last few decades, globalization has opened avenues for trade, created new markets, and increased the porousness of borders; however, a feeling of national susceptibility stems from this relaxing of borders and fuels a securitization of movement along the U.S.-Mexico border. Migration along the southern U.S. border has become a security threat, one which the U.S. government exercises extraordinary means to combat. Under this framing, migrants are criminalized and the lines between “illegal migrant,” drug trafficker, and potential terrorist are blurred.

Securitization of migration along the southern U.S. border is not only a reaction to things like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), other policies such as

the exclusion, criminalization, and securitization of migration. This framing of migration as a security threat arises from both the more concrete, visible threats of drug trafficking, illegal migration, and potential terrorist groups and the abstract issues of social identity and they symbolic nature that control of the border has in relation to state sovereignty.

The “war on drugs,” NAFTA, and the “war on terror” -- securitization as a reaction to past policies

and additional measures have led to the creation of essentially a militarized police barrier -- the building of walls to keep out terrorists, drugs, and migrants

Although migration along the U.S.-Mexico border is not traditionally considered a Realist, military threat,…

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