Are We Rome? The Fall Of An Empire And The Fate Of America Essay

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Nishanth Singaraju
Mr. Samuelson
Honors Civics
October 22, 2015
Book Analysis: Are we Rome? The Fall of an Empire and The Fate of America
In Cullen Murphy book , Are we Rome? The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America, he states that “To America eyes, Rome is the eagle in the mirror” (Murphy Page. 6) . In the book the author describes many parallels between America and Rome and questions whether both share the same fate. Although there are stark differences between the time period and society of both America and Rome, there are also analogous similarities between both societies. But nethertheless, America and Rome do not have the same fate considering the fact that America has learned the lessons of the past, the country 's democratic ideals are stable, and the United States has a distant gap from its enemy.
Cullen Murphy , in his book, discusses the different things of Rome that resemble America. Each of the 6 chapters demonstrate disparate reasons that America may be following Rome footsteps. Murphy states “ Are we Rome? One way to answer the question is by assembling a crude ledger of comparisons”. And this is essentially what Murphy did in the prologue titled “The Eagle in the Mirror”. For example, Murphy compares the President and the Emperor, welfare and televised sports to “bread and circuses” and illegal immigrants to barbarian hordes. In addition, Murphy points out that American pop culture is saturated with references to the Roman Empire. In the book it…

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