Essay on Globalization And The Decline Of America

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Its “not about the decline of America but rather about the rise of everyone else. It is about the great transformation that, though often discussed, remains poorly understood” (Zakaria 611). Globalization is growing rapidly; it’s also affecting Americans as well as the entire world. “The world may be flat, as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has written, but I always liked to think I was standing on a hill” (Enrenreich 608). Enrenreich nor Friedman truly believe the world is “flat” they speak metaphorically to relate to the idea that other countries are competing with America and Globalization is taking over, we are all starting at the same level in a competitive world but are staying behind as other countries continue rise. Globalization has a great evolution in todays work environment because technology has you competing worldwide. Thomas L. Friedman in “While I was Sleeping” brings up the issue in job competition he said, “outsourcing is just on dimension of a much more fundamental thing happening today in the world” (Friedman 628).

In addition, in today’s generation being outsourced is becoming much more common then in other generations because globalization plays a big role in this competitive world. Today we are exposed to the entire world due to the fact that technology is everywhere now. Also other places seem to be outsourcing much more because there are jobs in America that others can be doing across the world at a better benefit. The world has found…

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