Globalization : A Wide Variety Of Contradictions Essay

1418 Words Mar 31st, 2015 6 Pages
The globalization phenomenon has presented a wide variety of contradictions. One would believe that due to the rapidly expanding and interconnected world, more opportunities which foster growth would be presented. However, gender equality is an example of a facet of globalization, which has continued to fluctuate through time, creating paradoxes in its path. Globalization was expected to bring prosperity to all parts of the world, breaking down social and economic boundaries along the way, though it has spawned inequality in terms of economic and societal norms. As the world becomes increasingly more global, the idea of a man’s world becomes increasingly evident as the stake holders or leaders of the world begin to include more male figures and less female figures of power. While world powers, such as America, continue to work to publicize their displeasure with gender inequality in Third World nations, meanwhile in their own backyards business institutions help to foster the continuation of gender inequalities. Although the spread of globalization should present opportunities for equality such as the eradication of patriarchal norms in West Bengal, it has inadvertently plagued the social constructs of gender equality, creating structural gender norm’s in the workforces of America. The wavering of gender-linked war roles during the 1900s was a crucial time period for the development of societal gender norms. At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution the relationship…

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