Gender Inequality In The Western World

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Women and Poverty

Samantha Dang
Women’s Gender Sexuality Stds 101
Professor Bellamy
12 November, 2015

In the modernized world, it’s easy to forget that women are still experiencing inequality. Though there’s a significant increase in strong, self-driven women who are acquiring high paying jobs, prestigious titles, and creating inventions, these successes can often lead society to overlook problems still at hand. In every country around the world, women are more susceptible to poverty than men. Even in these changing times, it is important to note that this is occurring, and that it is mostly due to figures in charge who neglect opportunities for women. Women in developing countries
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In America, the gap in poverty rates between men and women are the widest in the Western world, with over half of 37 million people living in poverty being women (Cawthorne 1). Though Canada is known to have more equal income for women, Canadians are also experiencing a trend in which poverty rates for women are exponentially increasing compared to men (Townson 2). There are many explanations for this poverty. Due to childbirth, family care, unequal pay, and complications with government policy, women are consistently place in more poverty like conditions than men. About twenty-five percent of women in America and about twenty percent of women in Canada who are below the poverty line are single mothers (Cawthorne 1)(Townson 2). Though being a single mother is not the main reason for poverty, there is still an increase in poverty for women during their childbearing years (Cawthorne 1). Whether the father is there or not, women are put at disadvantage economically when bearing a child. In America, 23% of mothers are out of a job compared to 1% of fathers (Cawthorne 2). Those women who are raising their child on their own have to bear costs of raising their child while also providing them childcare (Cawthorne 2). …show more content…
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