Globalization, A Phenomenon Of Human Social Development Process

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Globalization is a word, is a concept, but also a phenomenon of human social development process. There are a lot of definitions of globalization, and the general sense of globalization refers to the growing global relations, human life on the basis of global scale development and the rise of global consciousness. Interdependence between countries in the political, economic and trade. Globalization can also be interpreted as the world 's compression and the world as a whole. After 1990s, with the influence of globalization forces on human society, has gradually caused the political, educational, social and cultural fields of attention, have caused research boom. For the "globalization" impression is good or bad, is still Different people, different views. I hold this is a good action for the world. In this book, the outsourcing is an important topic. Under the economic globalization, offshore outsourcing refers to the different countries of the outsourcing supplier and its suppliers. Outsourcing work to complete due to differences in labor costs, outsourcing companies usually come from higher labor costs, such as the United States, Western Europe and Japan, outsourcing suppliers from the lower labor costs of countries, such as India, Philippines and china. “Made in China” is one of the world 's highest recognition labels, because of the rapid development of China and its huge industrial manufacturing system, the label can be found in a wide range of…

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