Globalisation – a Moral Outcry? Essay examples

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Globalisation – A Moral Outcry?
Chris Smith

There have been many definitions and classifications of the term ‘Globalisation’ conceived and hypothesised, over the last half a decade in particular. Some of these classifications can be viewed as to being biased in favour of globalisation and vice versa. But one that can act as a concise, yet unbiased characterisation was conceived by Dibb et al. in 2006 which states that Globalisation is “The development of marketing strategies that treat the entire world, or its major regions, as a single entity.” (Dibb et al. 2006, p. 147) Globalisation revolves around creating marketing strategies while viewing the world’s consumers and business as one market that share needs, wants and buying
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one problem can cause or aid to another problem. Big companies are only now caring about profits and returns, rather than what they are doing in order to obtain them. They may not be ignoring issues such as the environment, i.e. recycling or pollution in order to stave off bad press, but with the exportation of jobs to foreign countries, it is arguable that they are ignoring other moral issues, which is what seems to be the overall biggest problem with globalisation.
There is definitely change in today’s world of business, and Globalisation seems certainly seems to be at the epicentre of these changes. The idea of a ‘global consumer’ is very much at the forefront of many businesses plans. Rather than marketing to a single or small (on a scale of the entire world) demographic, many advertising strategies are now focused on creating and marketing products or services that are fitting to a much, much larger population. For example, McDonalds’ are almost exactly the same wherever in the world you will go (with the exception of certain places such as India where they do not eat beef). The same advertisements, the same products, the same service. Although, this at times could be considered risky as there is a chance that if the proper research and procedures aren’t taken, the advertisements etc. could be considered offensive or wrong in certain cultures. This is just one company that have adopted this policy, but there are many

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