Global Warming Is A Real Thing Essay

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Are We There Yet? For the past few years, many reports and debates have focused on the drastic climate changes here on Earth. Some will argue that rapid deforestation, littering, and greenhouse gasses are causes for the strange weather patterns on this planet. However, others will argue and say, “It’s just the planet’s natural cycle.” Like most people, I had never really bothered to pay attention. I didn’t have an opinion, but it seemed like I couldn’t escape the heated topic. It was impossible to watch television or browse the internet without someone saying, “global warming is a real thing,” and, “the Earth is doomed if the human race doesn’t change.” However, my views have recently changed due to a few articles I read that discussed climate change and how it was affecting every humans’ life. When I was younger, my family often went to visit Lake Corpus Christ in Mathis, Texas. As a child, I thought it was one of the most beautiful places in the whole world, despite my lack of traveling. I loved the water in all of its murky glory, the muddy, green grass, and the sound of the jet skis and boats racing through the water. We always had fun and it was a relaxing place to visit. For most of my childhood, I can recall my parents coming home on a Friday saying, “Kids, we’re home. Are you guys ready to go?” At this point, my siblings and I raced to the front door with our bags in hand, ready for the exciting weekend ahead of us. We then loaded everything into the R.V.…

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