Global Warming : A Threat Of Human Activities Rivaling Earth 's Biogeochemical Processes

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Global warming is a major issue that has been in the media in recent years. Global warming has received so much attention because the average temperature of the Earth is increasing due to global warming. However, there is a debate about how serious global warming really is. Scientists are not sure as to whether or not this continual heating will create benefits for our society as a whole or if this continual heating will create problems for the existence of future generations. Jerald L. Schnoor and Thomas Gale Moore may disagree about the nature of the effects that will result from global warming, but these authors both agree that greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced for the collective good of our society both today and in the future. The article “Global Warming: A Consequence of Human Activities Rivaling Earth’s Biogeochemical Processes” by Jerald L. Schnoor appears in volume eleven issue six in the 2005 scholarly journal Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. Jerald L. Schnoor asserts that the way in which humans use fossil fuels is not sustainable and a new method of obtaining energy is needed in order to protect all of us, the climate, and the atmosphere of the Earth. The use of the phrase “not sustainable” doesn’t refer to the fact that we are running out of fossil fuels, but that the planet is continuously heating without any way of stopping or slowing down the heating process. According to Schnoor, the excessive use of fossil fuels is also the contributing…

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