Global Staffing: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Resource Management Professionals

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In global staffing, there are three unique strategies that human resource management professionals consider. These include home-country national strategy, host-country national strategy, and the third-country national strategy. One of the major factors considered by all organizations is the cost of hiring employees. The objective of this paper is to study the above-named strategies with their advantages and disadvantages.
Home-Country National Strategy, Advantages and Disadvantages In this strategy, the employees are hired to work and allowed to live in the country in which the global organization operates. The employees, in this case, come from the country that owns and runs the company. There are phases that such employees go through before
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First, it is the ability to understand the new language and use of non-verbal communication. Secondly, family situation in terms of willingness to live abroad, and spouse's support level. Thirdly, work environment considering managerial, technical and administrative skills. Fourth is the level of interpersonal skills and behavioral flexibility. Another thing to consider is the motivational state of the expatriates (Mello, 2011). This is in terms of belief in the mission of the organization and the will to learn new behavior and …show more content…
People from other countries do not qualify to be hired when the human resource management body of the company chooses to use this method. One advantage is that employees are most likely to perform to their best because they do need time to adjust as compared to the home-country national strategy. In this case, there is a better understanding of the local rules and laws (Mello, 2011). This factor helps in ensuring that all the employees avoid any lawsuits that could arise due to misconduct of any of them. This method is also cost-friendly because visa costs are not involved. On the other hand, the strategy has a number of disadvantages. There is the likelihood of development of the "them" versus "us ‘' competition perception among employees which is not healthy for any organization. Furthermore, it may not be easy for the employees to believe in the mission and objectives of the

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