Global Management Training At Google Essay

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What, if anything, is unique about Google 's approach to global management training at Google?
Global training with Google’s Associate Product Manager (APM) program is quite different from global management training at other companies in several ways. First and foremost, rather than a short-term program held at or near the home office discussing the challenges of cross-cultural management, Google’s training program runs for two years, and sends APMs accepted into the program on a 16 day four city trip during the second year not to work in the Google offices, but rather to experience everyday life and to visit Google in other countries rather than work there full time (Levy, 2007). While on the surface it seems very superficial and having little to do with management, it is actually a way to relearn everyday life experiences as they are conducted in the host nation. While this might seem counterintuitive, simple everyday activities like shopping involve a lot of the skills needed to be an effective manager in many cultures, such as negotiation, allocation of resources, and communication. This type of immersion training where managers are placed in unfamiliar surroundings and forced to seek to understand and be aware of their experiences builds skills they can also use when they return to the home office (Steers, 2013). What also sets Google’s APM global management training program apart is who they select. They focus on hiring employees who have some entrepreneurial…

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