Essay about Global Management Skills

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Global Management Skills and Training

Globalization has flattened our borders and increased our opportunities for trade, participating in joint ventures or establishing foreign direct investments in other countries. Unlike managing a business on US soil interacting and directing a company in a foreign country requires an advanced skill set to be successful. Those skills should include a general business education and an advanced or MBA program focused on global management highlighting a particular skill set depending on your interest. This skill set could focus on consumer products, economics, health care, IT, finance, telecommunications or many other areas of business. Along with education, understanding culture and
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In addition to formal education many companies sponsor special preparation programs for their future international managers. IBM operates an internal executive development program consisting of a six week training program that covers a variety of international topics.


To manage a group effectively you must be a good leader. This takes a deeper understanding of values and idiosyncrasies attached to a community which will reflect in managerial choices in motivating the employee. Effective leadership is dependent on understanding the values within certain cultural groups and subgroups as well as understanding what is expected and accepted of its leaders. Attitudes and work roles differ and will have subtle differences across cultures even though the names and educational requirements of the occupation may be the same. Managers must be aware of these cultural differences.

One study was done by the GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness) project team to assess cultural dimensions differentiating one society from another in order to help managers understand some of the differentiations associated with particular countries. Having a broad understanding of culture and belief systems will help manager to lead and motivate utilizing the correct communication style based on value

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