Global Leadership Development : A New Global Perspective Essay

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Global Leadership Development
Leadership development has taken a drastic change in the past few years, going from a local usually more western theory to a new global perspective. As more global companies emerge the search for global leader’s increase, with the main concept requirement being a global mindset. Due to the shortage of fitted applicants many companies are focusing on developing their own global leaders. These programs have to focus on a few different aspects including competencies, timing, methods, values, experience, diversity, and behavior which will be discussed in detail. Global leadership development must first start with “identification of high-potential leaders”. (Briscoe, Dennis; Schuler, Randall; Tarique, Ibraiz 2012 p. 271) Identification is often influenced by culture and the different methods of leadership and is most commonly done when a candidate first enters the workforce. After identification, employers usually enter the candidate in a Global Leadership/Management Development program where they have access to mentors and start working on discovering their competencies. According to research, global leaders tend to be curious, have an original perspective, create emotional connections, and are very organizationally savvy. If a candidate has these four competencies then their development is going to be very successful and blossom. According to Joseph Folkman, development of global leaders is an urgent need for company growth. This brings…

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