Global Cultural Differences

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1. Global Leaders, Culture, and a Changing World

Today a professional needs to have the mindset of interacting in a global community, being aware of different cultures and practices. A global mindset has to develop cultural understanding and sensitivity and as the text of Managing Cultural Differences states “they are no good cultures or bad cultures in every aspect.” It is important to grasp these concepts in order to open the doors of opportunities to new markets and people groups. The world of today is an exciting place, we benefit from cultural pioneers and their research. This research can help grow global companies and managers in many different areas. Studying the biggest culture impacts of an area, has become a must for global companies. One of the biggest
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Individualism – The United States is prime example of a society with a large individualism score. As seen in the Cultural Savvy Lesson, personal goals and achievements are highly important in the county. Sometime the achievement of those goals and achievements come at cost to others. This type of personality makes it difficult for other global companies or employees to partner with Americans. Societies that focus on the common good for everyone might want more order and stability.
4. Masculinity – Countries like Japan that score high on masculinity find it acceptable to settle conflicts through aggression. This could be troubling for global company, many companies do not handle conflicts with aggression but rather through negotiation. The differences in tactics could cause the need of a large management adjustment, taking time for a partnership to be productive.
This is just one of the models that global companies have at their disposal. Looking at the categories and how each company fits into each category is very interesting. The behavior of a national shapes how business is conducted and can also determine how productive international partnership can become.

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