Global Business Cultural Analysis: Germany Essay

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Germany
Shelly Lynch
Liberty University
BUSI 604: International Business
December 12, 2014

Abstract This Global business cultural analysis of Germany emphasize on the German culture, on the business environment with in the country. In this analysis you will find that the elements and dimensions of Germans culture is observed, an assessment on Germany business verses U.S. businesses and why the U.S states like to do business with Germany. This analysis will also emphasize on Germany’s education system along with their financial system as well.

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Germany When it comes to popular European countries Germany is one of the most popular. Germany has numerous small
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Germany’s government is a Federal Republic, which is similar to the United States. It has 3 branches of government, namely the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch (Linski, Matthews, & Sidhu, 2011, pg. 80). In Germany there are about seven million foreigners and most of these people are guest workers and their families.
One of the world’s prominent industrial nations is Germany. Germany is one of the world’s dominant and advanced technologically manufacturers of steel, coal, iron, vehicles, tools, electronics, and machinery. Germany is well known for their vehicles, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and especially their VW Beetles.
The unification between the West and the East in Germany occurred in the 90’s; which was after the slow collapse of the Soviet Union. West Germany was further along in a lot of areas than the East was. Overall Germanys have continued to hold onto their high standards of living.
Germany’s Global Location Germany is located in both hemispheres, northern and eastern, and is in central Europe and is 357,022 kilometers. Germany meets up with the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in the Region Language, communication, religion, ethics, values and attitudes, manners and customs, social structure, and organizations and education are the major elements and dimensions that make Germany the country that they are.
Language and Communication Language and

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