The Similarities And Differences Of The Cold War In Asia And Europe

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Was the cold war truly one unified war, or was it simply two wars under the same alias of “Cold War”? After World War Two, the Cold War developed into a war in Europe and Asia that was fought between two ideologies, democracy and communism. Although the Cold War was essentially one war, there were many similarities and differences between the Cold War in Asia and in Europe. In both regions the Cold War divided nations through democracy and communism. Also, the United States’ containment methodology was seen in both the Asia and Europe. However, containment’s effectiveness was different in Asia and Europe. In Asia, communism prevailed; whereas, in Europe, America’s aid prevented the spread of communism. The Cold War in Asia and Europe are comparable …show more content…
Containment was the attempt to contain communism within Eastern Europe, preventing any further spread of communism. Containment can be seen in US treaties, such as the Truman Doctrine, stating that the United States will provide military and economic aid to those countries that face a communist threat (class notes). In Asia, a defense treaty is signed called SEATO. SEATO was a way to defend countries from communist threats, in order to stop the spread of communism within Asia, particularly with Vietnam (class notes). Once the United States started to see the rapid spread of communism in both Asia and Europe, they established the policy of containment. The different ideological viewpoints between the United States and Soviet Union raised tensions, leading to this policy of containment. The United States feared that communism would spread and the US would lose their control within Europe and Asia. Thus, the US created the Truman Doctrine and SEATO. The purpose of both agreements was to stop any further spread of communism and maintain widespread democracy within both Asia and Europe. A cause of widespread of communism throughout the Cold War, the United States’ policy of containment, was established to prevent any further spread of communism and to maintain a democratic government within Europe and …show more content…
In Europe, communism is contained in Turkey and Greece. However, In Asia, communist spreads throughout all of Vietnam. In Europe, the main goal of containment was to stop the spread of communist rule. Through containment, America’s financial and military aid helped to successfully prevent expanding communist rule throughout both Turkey and Greece (class notes). However, in Asia, the policy of containment was must less affective. SEATO was established to prevent the spread of communism into Vietnam. However, in 1975, South Vietnam fell to the communist rule of North Vietnam. This caused SEATO to disband its military, concluding SEATO and the general policy of containment within Asia (class

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