Berlin Wall Dbq

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On August 13th of 1961, the infamous Berlin Wall was built. The barbed wire and concrete separated Berlin into two different zones; East and West Berlin. This wall stood as an iconic symbol of the Cold War. This wall created pain, sorrow, and suffering for all Germans. Over a long 28 years of the standing Berlin Wall, the concrete that divided Europe stood through the rigorous tensions of political and physical war.

After WWII, Germany was split up into 4 different zones ruled by different countries. The western half was split into the British, American, and the French sectors. The Eastern half was controlled by the Soviet Union. Later, the western half unified into the Federal Republic of Germany and the Soviet sector became the German Democratic
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Western goods were no longer available and drove the economy down. Families were separated by the concrete slabs that stood in the center of Berlin. And Different cultures began to emerge that each supported their own governments. These political differences would cause the cold war to continue. After the Berlin Wall was …show more content…
People of West Berlin were able to go to East berlin through checkpoints. The three original checkpoints were known as checkpoint alpha, checkpoint bravo, and checkpoint Charlie. There were 12 checkpoints that were built. At each of the three checkpoints, east german soldiers would screen diplomats and the few travelers that were rarely allowed to cross the border. Once in east Germany, you could not return to the west. The thought of being stuck in east Berlin, under Soviet rule, feared most Germans. When people began to encounter the problems with the Berlin Wall, they wanted to escape. Elaborate tunnel systems, diverting a train, ziplineing from east to west Berlin, and climbing over the wall, were some of the many elaborate escapes. At least 260 people were killed trying to escape a communist government. More than 5,000 people were successful in their escapes. The wall helped with population, but caused chaos, harm and fear to the people. Instead of helping with the different views of how governments should be run, the war with other countries ignited. Tension between east, and west, the

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