Essay on Global Business : A Global Organization

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Conducting Global Business
In order to lead diverse cultures, businesses have to understand and adapt to them. The global market provides opportunities for businesses to expand their markets, more revenue, access to more resources and supplies, larger talent pool of employees, and the opportunity of a market development. However, doing global business includes a task of challenges due to all the different cultures in the world. Globalization of a business means operating in different countries and learning about different cultures. It is very important for companies to study the new culture where they are planning to open a business, and to learn about cultural differences, this will prevent companies from ethical cultural issues and differences. Global businesses have to focus in the global workforce and its challenges such as; cultural shock, expatriates, and repatriation. To achieve cultural synergy, businesses have to understand and analyze cultural diversity, its strengths and weakness in order to create strategies and operational plans to work together and form a global organization. Starbucks is a globally company that has 24,000 stores in 70 countries of the world. This paper will analyze the issues of Starbucks as a global business, ethical issues in global organizations, its workforce, analysis of the cultural synergy, recommendation for a global oriented workforce, and the success of global business.
Cultural Ethics
Every country has different culture for…

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