Gimlet Medi An Exemplary Enterprise For New Media Startups Essays

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Introduction Gimlet media is an exemplary enterprise for new media startups. Its founders posed the necessary personal, business and professional skills to lift up an idea and make it a great profitable business. The culture at Gimlet is a forward looking one where a passion, drive and commitment define the work ethic of its employees and processes. Persistence, perseverance and patience are positive qualities that Alex and Matt, the founders of Gimlet exhibited, which drove the company from a success to another. The tremendous amounts of hours, effort and dedication Alex has put into Gimlet with an open minded mentality accepting criticism and advice from experts, Gimlet stood resilient to threats and challenges. Alex’s ability to turn business hardships into opportunities that generate profits and make Gimlet a more interesting business allowed him to infuse a sense of enthusiasm and incentives in his work staff who rewarded that with her excellent work and commitment to the original philosophy defined by connecting audiences to an excellent comet. The powerful personal, professional and business-related decisions taken by Alex has greatly impacted the development and performance of Gimlet. Alex’s ability to connect to others, secure financing and initiate change made him an exceptional leader who was capable of transforming his idea into Gimlet. Alex’s genuine ability to put those who joined Gimlet in charge of their positions and taking them with improving their…

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