Essay on Getting A Sound Diet At A Young Age

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From a young age, my parents have always enforced the idea of eating healthy constantly badgering me to eat my vegetables or have a piece of protein with my meals. Although I might not have understood why their reprimanding was important, over the course of these last few weeks in biology I have come to realize that having a sound diet in many ways encompasses what it means to be healthy and live life to its fullest. By actively moderating, recording, and learning about what I have been eating I can now clearly understand that my parents were right to encourage healthy eating in my home. My parent, specifically my mother, was always the one who cooked and influenced my healthy eating at a young age. When looking at my food logs for this assignment, one will notice that a good portion of my food logs was completed while on spring break, in Africa with my father. I was a bit concerned that traveling overseas without my mother there to help me, and my dad make smart choices would be problematic. Ironically, the exact opposite happened. Not only were my choices relatively healthy, but also I was stepping outside of my comfort zone and eating foods that typically I would shy away from, such as beets and melons. Part of me stepping out of my comfort zone was because I was in a different country and wanted to experience the cuisine even if it was not what I was typically used to. Most of the meals we had on our trip were buffet style. Therefore, fruit and vegetables were…

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