Gerontology Social Work And Sociology Essay

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Gerontology Social Work and Sociology are relevant to this research on the aging population and senior living in Florida for multiple reasons. Urban planners have been looking into senior planning as early as 1961, and many studies relevant to creating urban environments for these young-at-heart seniors are already in place. What are relatively new to this research are the correlations found between living environments and improved health and well-being for the people who live there. Employment and business opportunities also arise to support and maintain services for this vastly growing cohort. Ideas are being put forth now to create urban communities for senior living that will embrace continued learning and service opportunities. As the aging population continues to grow, the issue of how and where elders are going to live becomes more and more pressing. Aging-In-Place models, where seniors remain at home and in the community in which they have always lived is argued in research entitled, Innovative Models of Aging in Place: Transforming our Communities for an Aging Population (Bookman). Many of these communities are in urban settings and Bookman explores different settings and how they provide services as well as meaningful connections for seniors. This study includes both interview data as well as site visits and proves relevant to this research because of the timely information on previously held perceptions and assumptions about the aging process.…

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