Geriatric Nursing Case Study

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Rationale for the Developed Course Syllabus

The beginning of a course syllabus starts first with the selected or proposed course topic. Understanding the need for a course to be added to the curriculum provides a purpose including the information gap that should be included. The nursing profession adapts to ensure that patients are cared for with the most current and relevant information. Knowing that the profession is changing frequently, it is just as vital for nursing programs to change and prepare students for work in field of nursing. The population is continually aging, and this has lead to an increased need for nurses to be prepared to care for older adults. Geriatric nursing has a unique place in nursing curriculum, but there are
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The description can increase interest by providing a snapshot and relevance to professional development (Millis, 2009). In this course syllabus the description includes information on activities during the course, relevance and learning experience for the students. In preparing the course description, it is important to consider the overall goals for the course. Use of the description aided in selecting appropriate objectives for the course. The objectives selected were aimed at increasing skills and competence of the nursing students caring for older adults that can be used at all levels of healthcare (Koskinen, Salminen, Stolt, and Leino-Kilpi, 2015). The description and objectives provided goals and education to strive towards completing during the …show more content…
Use of the textbook was found to be pertinent to developing course content. The table of contents provided topics and chapters that could be used as an outline for instructors. Knowing other plans for a clinical experience and group project lead to the arrangement and timing for specific topics. Before a student is expected to participate in the clinical experience, it would be important to discuss assessment and normal versus abnormal findings. The group assignment is geared toward students expanding their knowledge on prominent illnesses and disorders that geriatric patients encounter. Providing some information and background needs to come before students select topics for the assignment. The outline of course content allows for flexibility for areas that may require more time for discussion. Providing adequate time for each subject will increase the efforts made by the instructor in delivery method to improve knowledge

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