George Washington's Farewell Address Political Analysis

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The development of the two-party system that gradually settled into the partisan politics of modern-day United States was entirely unintended by the Founding Fathers. The primary root of the nation itself, the Constitution, does not mention the need nor want for this political system. Moreover, George Washington, the first president of the United States, directly and clearly mentioned his opposition against this then-hypothetical situation of the system in his Farewell Address. A little ironically, however, the immediate and fundamental roots of the system itself sprouted amongst President Washington’s aides and eventually grew into today’s political system with a variety of events and reasons. The unfolding of the Federalist and Democratic-Republican …show more content…
In the political cartoon shown in the document, we can see some ways that President Jackson was disparaged with. The comments on the four sides rather mockingly indicate President Andrew’s thirst for command and power as a president, which makes him more similar to a king than a president. Beneath his left foot, for instance, is the Constitution. It can be reasonably said that President Andrew ignored the Constitution on multiple accounts, including the two Supreme Court cases of Worcester v. Georgia and McCulloch v. Maryland. Beneath his right foot, on the other hand, is the seal of the Bank of the United States to show his extermination of the Second Bank of US and a ripped paper with the phrase ‘internal improvements’, pointing to his veto of the Maysville Road Bill.

The unforseen but very explicit contrast in the opinions concerning the interpretation of the Constitution amongst Founding Fathers themselves proved to be the rooting cause of the existence of the two-party system. The evident need to soothe discord came to be the first turn of the road that led to the modern day’s two-party system after many others, and pros and cons still exist in the system to balance each other out. Although the parties do not exist in their initial forms, the ideals were tweaked and rediscovered in better ways to preserve the effective facets of the core

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