Washington's Farewell Address Chapter 4 Analysis

Chapter four, titles The Farwell, basically stated the effects Washington’s retirement from presidency had on the Country. On September 19, 1796, Washington announced his retirement to the public in what is formally known as his Farewell Address. By leaving, Washington initiated the two-term tradition, which wasn’t official until the Twenty-second Amendment in 1951. The citizens of Washington’s time saw his retirement as a serious threat because he was leaving them in a state of complete uncertainty at where it stood and also they didn’t know any other leader besides Washington. Also, an eight-year term seemed very short for the new America because they were so used to being under a Monarchy. However, to politicians, his retirement did not …show more content…
Ellis delves further into the notorious relationship between Adams and Jefferson after Jefferson had one the presidency. Adams had returned to Massachusetts at the age of sixty-six and took up farm life in hopes of taking his mind of his presidential loss, which Ellis remarks that it did not. For twelve years the two came close to reestablishing their friendship, but only succeeded after Adams had been slightly talked into rekindling the friendship by Rush. Around 1812, their friendship had been started up again and they exchanged a total of 158 letters. Jefferson was no longer in office at the time and the continued to be friends for the next fourteen years. Ellis notes that this correspondence between the two in their letters seemed to suggest that they were writing for the history of the times. Their relationship was officially at peace by 1813 and the pair became less awkward in their letters. They stayed friends until they both passed on Independence Day of 1826, in which Jefferson died slightly before Adams. Adams’ feelings on slavery would later influence Abraham Lincoln, without of which, Lincoln’s legacy may have been non-existent. Jefferson left a legacy of his own, for both the writing of the Declaration of Independence and his presidency, which ultimately set an example for the

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