george washington's foreign and domestic policies Essay

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EQ: how did the domestic and foreign policies of George Washington’s presidency bridge the new nation together or tear it apart?
George Washington was a president upon a hill. He set a first-rate example for future presidents by making difficult yet necessary decisions for the developing nation. His words and actions have resonated throughout history and can be seen through feats of other presidents. Some notable acts of Washington include his domestic and foreign policies, selection of the first presidential cabinet, helping the nation’s financial crisis, deciding whether to follow in Great Britain’s or France’s footsteps, his dealings with rebellion, and he even made a lasting impression through his farewell speech of which the
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This methodology angered Antifederalists, such as Jefferson, because they felt it was unfair to make states that already paid their debts, such as Virginia, continue to give money to the federal government. However, creditors were given incentive to support the new federal government because they were issued bonds (money invested in the bank for more than a year with the purpose of raising capital.) They way their bonds would increase in value is that the bank would loan out the money -- that was invested by stockholders -- to farmers, merchants, shippers, and many others. When they paid back their loans, they would also have to pay interest. The stockholders would get back their money plus some interest and the profit would go towards helping the nation’s debt.
Another issue raised by the Jefferson versus Hamilton dispute was whether America would support Great Britain or France in the war that was waged between them. Hamilton was in support of the English while Jefferson supported the French. Washington, given his opinion on foreign affairs, felt that they should not have entangling alliances because other countries’ problems would become America’s and America was still too weak to get involved. Washington served another term in office to prevent Hamilton and Jefferson from tearing the nation apart.
The main concern of Washington was still the nation’s financial crisis. In order to

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