George Orwell 's Animal Farm And 1984 Once Said Essay

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George Orwell, the English author of world-renowned novels Animal Farm and 1984 once said "If liberty means anything, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear". This quote from Orwell emphasizes the importance of free speech and the right to speak one’s mind, regardless of how others might perceive what one says. This is important because with the right to freedom of speech comes societal and intellectual progress; without the right to freedom of speech comes many consequences, for both the individual and society at large. This has proven to be true countless times throughout history. The age of enlightenment was a period of time when freedom of speech was respected and valued. In contrast, the totalitarian regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union did not uphold freedom of speech as a human right. This makes it apparent that freedom of speech is a prerequisite for an advanced and just society. Despite all of this, the right to freedom of speech is still under attack in many parts of the world today. Political dissidents are being subjected to the death penalty in North Korea. Bloggers are being detained in Middle Eastern countries. University campus speakers are being shut down in the US. It is evident that freedom of speech is a right that must continue to be fought for. This is why free speech should never be limited, regardless of how controversial or offensive it may be.
One of the main reasons used to limit freedom of speech is that it has the…

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