The Importance Of Power In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Thomas Jefferson once said, “The government that governs best governs least” he stated this because the government that looks good will governs its people the worst. In George Orwell’s fable, Animal Farm he illustrates how power is given to Napoleon to take care of the farm and how he abuses his power. In this case, Napoleon is given too much power to satisfy himself and he favors the animal’s ignorance to make himself look good. How does Napoleon take control of the animals to keep in charge? While there are many reasons why Napoleon takes control of the farm, the three main reasons are ideology, fear, and propaganda to gain the animals trust but at the same time tricking them to believe him. Napoleon uses the system of ideology …show more content…
Napoleon instills terror in the animal’s minds by forcing the animals to follow him because if they do not follow him, the farm will be vulnerable to the humans. At the scene of the windmill debate, Napoleon made a high-pitched whimper sound that no animal has ever heard, all of a sudden. “Nine enormous dogs, came bouncing to the farm” then all the dogs came for, “Snowball” which caused the animals to, “[creep] back to the farm” (Chapter 5). Napoleon is not flippant to show fear to the animals to get his own way. If any animal double crossed Napoleon, the animals would be dead. What makes this situation worse, Napoleon is starting to kill his own kind and not protecting them as he said he would. This also shows that animals are acting as humans because they hide themselves to look for safety which any human would do. To keep the animals terrified, Napoleon put in their mind about Jones coming back. When Squealer reminded the animals about the Sunday morning debates he told them, “One false step” was going to result to, “Jones [coming] back” so then the debates must, “Stop” (Chapter 5). On one hand it was very obvious that the animals do not want Jones back on the farm. The pigs constantly reminded them about Jones so that no animal will question their authority. They give them two choices to choose while in reality there are more solutions to …show more content…
Propaganda is a tool to make one-sided information used to persuade. In this case, Napoleon’s main goal of using propaganda is to make Snowball his scapegoat and glorifying himself. Here the pigs are tricking the animal’s minds again, wanting them to believe that Snowball, “destroyed [their] work for nearly a year” of the windmill and he, “was in a league with Jones from the very start” (Chapter 5-7). Snowball is being blamed for the things he did not partake in. The pigs use him to mask their corruptions. Because the pigs like to spread news about Snowball, the animals now have a worst reputation of him of being a traitor. This shows the animals that Snowball is worse than Jones because they thought he is also going to harm them. As the farm flourished many months later, Napoleon is a well-respected leader, and the animals are praising him for his efforts by saying, “Under this guidance of our leader Napoleon, [the hens] have laid five eggs in six days” and the cows are happily saying, “How excellent this water tastes!” (Chapter 8). Now every animal is praising him with titles to make him look good and he gained the animals trust even though he does not do anything. The fact is, Napoleon is already acting as a human and the animals do not seem to realize the human like characteristics he is doing. These manipulations keep him in charge,

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