George Orwell 's Animal Farm And 1984 Essay

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Most books usually convey a message to their audience. For example, many dystopian novels convey how not to govern, how not to behave as a society. Some of the novels are based on real events, real societies and governments that existed when the book was written, like communist regimes for instance. Two of the most famous dystopian novels are Animal Farm and 1984. Surely, these two books have a lot in common like how both books were set in England, written by George Orwell, and based on the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Despite their similarities, both books have many differences as well. Animal Farm and 1984 differ in characters, plot, and society in the book.
Animal Farm and 1984 differ in their characters. In Animal Farm many of the characters represent real life people. Four of the main characters are pigs: Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer, and Old Major. Napoleon is the cruel and manipulative leader of Animal Farm who represents Joseph Stalin. Snowball is the more benevolent, lively former co-leader of Animal Farm who represents both Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Squealer is talkative and manipulative and represents Vyacheslav Molotov and Stalin’s propaganda. Even though Old Major only appears in the first chapter of Animal Farm, his dream of animal equality and freedom from humans inspires Animalism and the rebellion against Mr. Jones and he represents Karl Marx and Lenin. As Animal Farm is set on a farm, many of the other characters are domesticated animals.…

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