How Did Stalin Maintain Power In Animal Farm

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“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves”. (Lao Tzu). This quote means that a leader should make the people want to work for their own benefit and not for himself. George Orwell did a superb job in connecting the Russian Revolution into his own book Animal Farm. It relates to the book Animal Farm because when Old Major works with the animals to start a rebellion. When the rebellion ends the animals start to work for their own benefit and not a leader. Animal Farm connects to the Russian Revolution by how Karl Marx beliefs in Communism. This book also connects because of all the characters. Examples of this include Mr. Jones or Czar Nicholas II, Old Major …show more content…
Stalin is one person that used propaganda to maintain power. A way that Stalin did this was he used posters to make his people believe that life would be good. The posters showed people very happy, Stalin looking like a good leader, and life going well when it actually wasn’t. All of these posters showed other country’s that Stalin is doing a great job. But on the other hand, these posters were very biased and misleading. Past leaders like Stalin needed lot’s of power but in today's world good leaders don’t have as much power. These poster’s tricked the other countries because they all thought that Stalin was a great person. Many leaders like Stalin used this trick because they wanted lot’s of power and didn’t want anything good for its people. A connection to life today is fake news. This connects to propaganda because it’s misleading. It has affected many people because they can’t tell the difference between if it’s true or not. Another way to maintain power was fear tactics. There were many different ways that leaders used this tactic but Joseph Stalin used the KGB. The KGB was known as the “secret police” because they were spies. The text states “The KGB was the world’s largest spy and state-security machine, involved in all aspects of life of everyday people in the Soviet Union. The KGB was a secretive and secluded organization, and it has been said that, “Its doors are shut tightly to the public.” (Cold Stalin used this tactic a lot and the KGB was very violent because many people were killed. Since the KGB was very violent it created fear in the citizens. Propaganda connects to everyday life because of different news stations giving very bias information. These include CNN which is liberal while Fox News is conservative. Both of these news stations provide one sided information because the people that watch it are either democrats or republicans. If the

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