Geography And The World History Essay

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History is something that many people overlook, something that is even more overlooked is geography. It seems that most people are only concerned with what effects them, or at least what they think has an effect on them. There are 196 countries in the world, and more than seven billion people on earth. Besides obvious over population issues, there is the issue with the overall education of everyone. “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it” (Edmund Burke). This quote is so simple yet so powerful. Once one understands history, one can then see the warning signs of something impactful happening again, enough to even prevent it. When one looks back in history, it is evident that geography has a big part in world history, so to understand geography is to understand history.
I have always enjoyed history,but I will confess that I lack geography skills that at times make me blind to the outside world. The blame for this can be for a couple different reasons, it could be that I have never had a class that ever really went in depth into geography or it could simply be my ignorance to not want to study such subject on my own time. That is why I enjoy class discussions in which my mind is opened from the box that it is in.
Since I was not able to participate in the activity in which everyone had ten minutes to name as much countries as they could I went home and took a test on my own. I had a little strategy, I went from continent to continent naming all those that I…

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