Case Study: Gentiva

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Gentiva has several branches located in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens and other area. Gentiva is a home health agency and a hospice agency. Gentiva is currently part of the Kindred company. This is a great resource for gentiva clients because they can be transferred to the care they need based on their health. If the client is recommended for hospice but their health changes their health records can be transferred to home health. Gentiva makes home visits and nursing home visits. If the client gets moved to a nursing home or is in the hospital Gentiva will still offer their services. To prevent confusion on what the two gentiva branches offer, I am going to focus on the hospice side. Like other hospice agencies Gentiva has certain guidelines that have to be meet in order to receive their services. The patients must have a doctor’s recommendation with only a certain amount months to live.

Mission and Vison Gentiva’s mission is to “to support and educate persons and organizations dealing with life-limiting illnesses (Gentiva).” Gentiva enacts their mission by providing services to the client and the clients family. Gentiva offers education groups and support groups to help educate the client’s family. Social workers also make sure that clients understand their rights and the services offered. Gentiva hopes to provided care
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The second group consist of two mangers or PCMs. PCM stands for patient care mangers. Each manger has a team that works under them. The team includes a doctor, nurses, CNAs, PCSs, and social workers. The list of clients are broke in to two color groups. Depending on their location and medical history they will either be assigned to the green or orange group. The mangers are in charge of scheduling which nurse and CNAs is going to visit the client and on which day. The two groups share the same resources when it comes to the volunteers and the

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