Genetically Modified Organisms Ingredients? Essay

1383 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever wonder how many items from your grocery shopping list contain genetically modified organism ingredients? According to One Green Planet, “In the United States alone, GMOs make up 70-80% of the food we consume”(Par. 3). From baby food all the way to hamburgers and french fries, GMOs are found everywhere in these food products. They can have a dangerous impact in our health. America is known for having the best dinning and brunch restaurants, but many Americans are not aware of what’s really behind the food they are eating. GMOs also called genetically modified organisms, are organisms such as animals and plants whose genetic makeup has been altered through genetic engineering procedures. Genes inserted in GM food can transfer into the DNA bacteria living inside of us. According to the Institute for Responsible technology, “GM corn was found in the blood of a pregnant women and their unborn Fetus”(Par. 1). GMOs genes can remain inside of us for a long period of time. This means that long after we stop consuming genetically modified food, we may still have their genetically modified proteins reproduced continuously inside our body. Numerous studies have shown, after consuming GMOs it can lead to numerous health problems. The Institute for Responsible Technology stated that the American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association condemn the use of GM bovine growth hormone, because the milk from treated cows has more of the hormone IGF-1…

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