Genetically Modified Organisms And The Environment And Consumers

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Children are going blind in Africa, masses are suffering through diabetes, thousands of people are dying because they did not receive enough nutrients; diet is the controlling factor of life. Not every person receives enough food to survive, and with a steadily growing population, food production must grow in time with the demand. Organic farming is getting rarer as it is too expensive; fields covered in chemicals are becoming more common, but the chemicals are harmful to the environment and consumers.. GMOs can solve the problems of both types of farming and they can help the millions of people in need of proper diets. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, or an organism whose genome has been changed by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not naturally found there. The process of changing the genes of an organism has been practiced in the form of artificial breeding for 10,000 years, but it has genetic engineering has greatly developed to become specific to the DNA. GMOs could hold the key to creating chemical free foods. Because there is no scientific evidence tying GMOs to illness, because genetically adjusted organisms reduce the use of toxic chemicals in farming, because there are many known benefits of GMOs, genetically modified organisms should remain in the market until many scientific studies prove them to be harmful.
GMOs must be labeled to inform customers of the possible risks connected to consuming genetically…

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