Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On The Environment

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GMOs have been a huge topic of discussion for a lot of people. GMOs are genetically modified organisms. This concept applies to any organisms that are altered by engineering techniques (“Genetically Modified Organisms”, n.d.). Most of the controversy is due to GMO technology being used on food. GMO technology is also used on animals and agriculture. One of the interesting GMO things I learned about is Glofish. They are fish that where genetically modified to glow in fluorescent colors. I found this so amazing that I might actually purchase some to have in my fish tank. This is a good example of living organisms whose genetics was altered and didn’t have a negative effect to humans or the environment. GMO technology is definitely a subject that everyone should know about because it is being used to produce food we consume. The technology also has effects on the environment.
The majority of people want to be One Hundred percent sure that GMO technology will not affect their or their family’s health in a negative way. There are also people that don’t really have an opinion on the matter or they don’t even know what GMO even means. Honestly prior to doing my GMO project, I really wasn’t educated on the subject either. One instance comes to mind is when I heard someone mention something about KFC chicken being injected. Supposedly KFC chicken was being injected by some type of steroid to make the chickens bigger. Now that I have learned more about GMO technology, I can…

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