Genetically Modified Humans Essay

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This article will be explaining different arguments through science and logical reasoning to the cons of genetically modifying humans.

Mitosis in the final gap in cell division cycle. During mitosis the chromosomes in the cell nucleus are separated into two identical chromosomes in two different cells. There are four phases to mitosis, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. During prophase the centrosomes start to mover to opposite sides of the cell and the cellular membrane has started to fade away so the chromosomes can be ready to move. While this process is happing the DNA has been copied as well. During metaphase the centrosomes have migrated to opposite sides of the cell and begin to extend tiny spindle fibers to latch onto the chromosomes. The chromosomes also line up on the equator while the spindle fibers have latched on to them. During anaphase the then chromosomes have been taken apart from each spindle fiber and begin moving toward the two centrosomes. Now they are called sister chromatids because they no longer have a pair anymore. During the last phase of mitosis, telophase, the two sister chromatids are together on opposite sides of the cell. The cell membrane starts to comeback so it can contain the two sister chromatids on each side of the cell. During this process the cell starts the split slightly and cytokinesis starts to take place. During cytokinesis the cells start to split and recounts for the missing wall of the cell that was…

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