Genetically And Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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If you know anything about modern genetics, then you should know that these nifty little segments of DNA, called genes, tell your body what to do and when to do it. For years scientist have been trying to figure out a way to manipulate these genes and modify them to achieve a desired effect in an organism, such as giving a mouse the ability to go longer periods without food, while eliminating the risk for undesirable mutations, like cancer. Genetically modified organisms such as mice have been altered at the genetic level to produce a desired effect like completely healing a recently cut off toe or increasing speed and intelligence so they are naturally faster smarter and stronger than the average mouse in an attempt to replicate these results in humans. A genetically modified organism could be defined as any animal, plant or organism that has had its genetic material altered in ways that would not have occurred during the natural genetic recombination or sexual reproduction processes, usually inserting new genes from entirely different organisms, such as using the genes of certain bacteria and inserting it into the genome of a plant by taking the new genes and placing them inside the gametes to make it grow faster or produce more protein in foods, the new plant would then pass that gene down to its offspring. In humans the process of modifying DNA is slightly different and there are many
Nick 2 ways to inject genes into the human body. One way to do it for example, if…

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