Genetic Engineering Of Human Essay

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Augustine Ugwu
Professor Ileana Loubser
ENGL 1301
November 18, 2014
Genetic Engineering Of Human
Genetic engineering technology has been a very powerful and also a very hazardous tool. To modify the series of nucleotides of the most genetic material that rules for the organization of a complex living mortal, can cause and tremendously illness effects, however, the prospective benefits are really good. Arguably, the use of advanced technology has changed many numerous aspects of human everyday behavior and activities. However, most people think that technologies have modify a lot of wonderful developments that are more valid and also a bad influence to human beings. Genetic engineering technology has been among the several developmental topics
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In other words, the good that lies on the segregation and capability to adapt is eliminated. Family organization is the most important things in the life of human beings, but the genetic engineering of humans has completely destabilized the foundation of a happy family. The problems what will result from genetic engineering modification is adequately understandable with regardless of genes implantation that is also applied in most genetic engineered food products. However, human beings or plant modification of genes, such as boosting of muscles, implantation of growth, color of the eyes and hair, intelligent and stronger abilities could establish some serious effects on any livestock such as the inability to resist from any particular chronic disease. The modified gene can be implanted with a chip for which might be harmful to any livestock. Russell stated, “Of course, some uses of genetic engineering to alter human phenotypes would be clearly harmful to...”(Russell, 528). These negative side effects might not identify immediately; which may result in many harmful things such as, body swollen, mental disorder, inability to remember anything and internal bleeding. Homan genetic engineering has bought in malpractices between …show more content…
In order to save lives and prevent those diseases, genetic engineering of human start to apply and manifest within the universe, by being able to implant a different genetic in each individual, most of the chronic diseases were prevented such as brain tumor, Cancer, Kidney disease and Diabetes from ever occurring. Dov stated, “The development of safe genetic therapies capable of curing debilitating condition in embryos or fetuses"(Dov, 568). The genetic engineering intervention brought about the opportunity and also savers as a gateway to treat those that are suffering from a serious illness. However, genetic engineering technology has the possibility to treat and cure a wild range of cancers and chronic diseases, and also the ability to bring a better generation with a lot potentials to long life and healthier The benefit of the advances in gene treatment makes it possible to eliminate an imperfect genetic and restore it with a functional gene. However, these procedures are present. Most somatic cell treatments, uses damaged genes to mark the affected areas. This procedure is useful in the treatment of lung and cancer, liver and blood disorders. Dov stated, “Ethical reflection on ideal prescriptions about reproductive genetics can still help to inform public policy making and judicial reasoning...”(Dov, 571). These productions

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