Genetic Engineering : Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Genetically modified foods are a cheap and efficient way for scientists and farmers to create food. The overall prices of genetically modified foods are normally cheaper than normally grown crops. With this being said people believe GMO 's are a no brainer. Genetic engineering is the process of artificially modifying genes by cutting and splicing DNA. These crops will be injected with certain genes so that plants can be grown without green houses to emit their toxic gases and with less chemical weed killers. Genetic engineering will eliminate the man hours that farmers put into growing crops. GMO 's can be bigger, healthier, and taste better than normal crops. Scientist will not be able to prevent genetically modified plant from breeding with non genetically modified plants. This would make it where all crops would be, in some way, genetically modified making it where people will have no choice if they want genetically modified foods. People do not know all the effects of GMO 's, yet they may not know if they are eating them. Labeling laws are making people walk away from the idea of GMO 's. GMO 's have been reported to stun growth, reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics. Scientist have tested these genetically modified foods on rats and the results were harsh. The rats have severe liver and kidney damage. Many people are skeptical of genetically modified foods, and the long term effect of them.
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