Generation Z, By Alex Williams Essays

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Honk! Honk! “Get out of the way Generation Z is here” and that’s what the article “Move Over, Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z,” by Alex Williams wants all the Millennials and marketers to know. Williams gives insight and knowledge into the minds and lives of the newest generation of people, Generation Z. He notes opinionated specifics about them, for example Williams adds a quote by Ms. Greene, “Alex is a true Gen Z: conscientious, hardworking, somewhat anxious and mindful of the future” overall describing how Generation Z acts so marketers can gain a better understanding of them. He adds many descriptive, persuasive, and sometimes biased quotes and details like this for the same reasons. Williams knows with each new generation comes new styles, new trends, and an overall new way of life. Each new generation makes it difficult for marketers and businessmen alike to understand and figure them out, allowing Williams to capitalize on this by making Generation Z look like the greatest generation and by giving useful and factual information on them. As an author of a widely beloved and recognized news source The New York Times, it makes him a very credible and trustworthy source for information. Especially since he writes for the Fashion and Style department. It is his job to keep with the latest trends of every generation and he does fantastic. He would have been fired by now if he did not or if he was not competent enough to. His ability to use statistics along with…

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