Generation Y, The Millennials, And The Boomerang Generation Essay

1312 Words Feb 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Generation Y, the Millennials, or the boomerang generation, whatever we are known as, I am a part of it. There are many varying views on my generation born in the late 1980’s to the early 2000, no matter how anyone views us good or bad one thing is clear we are the future. My generation has many characteristics that I view as bad and annoying, but there are plenty of good characteristics as well. Where many of us are bad at communicating face to face we have connected in other ways, revolutionizing the world with social media such as Facebook and YouTube, bringing together people from across the world for intellectual discussion and funny videos. No other generation has been able to connect with the rest of the world with such ease, people today have close friends that they have never met before because they play games online with them and that 's awesome, but that 's just one of our characteristics. Generation Y or the Millennials will always be a part of me, we have many characteristics such as tech savviness, were a “me” group, and we can be materialistic; these and many more characteristics will have a part in our lives by influencing who we become.
One of the greatest technological inventions of all time was the creation of social media, websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. These social media websites have connected friends, family, and strangers for discussions, rants, or fun and that’s awesome no matter how you look at it. Video games are pretty popular,…

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